Mental health is everyone’s business ...  Headshot photo

... individuals, families, employers, educators and communities all need to play their part.  

Good mental health and resilience are fundamental to our physical health, our relationships, our education, our training, our work and to achieving our potential. 

There is no health without mental health¹.

Let’s talk about you… 

Feeling stressed or low?  Just not yourself, maybe lacking in energy, motivation or self-confidence? 
As individuals we respond differently to daily stresses and strains of life, and the more significant blows we are sometimes dealt, like loss, ill heath, trauma, relationship breakdowns.  
It has been reported that as many as one in six adults have a mental health condition at any one time¹.  So how do we stay present and find peace and purpose in this frantic world?
Let’s talk business… 

Got someone off sick?  Or someone under-performing?  Or just someone you’re concerned isn’t their old self at work?  
In the working age population as many as one in three people have mental health difficulties at any one time².  
In 2013 stress, anxiety and depression resulted in 15.2 million days lost³ and the cost to British business was estimated to be £26 billion – that’s equivalent to £1035 per employee⁴.  Can anyone afford that?