Well-being is everyone’s business ...  Headshot photo

... individuals, families, employers, educators and communities all need to play their part.  

Good mental health and resilience are fundamental to our physical health, our relationships, our education, our training, our work and to achieving our potential. 

There is no health without mental health¹.


Let’s talk about therapy… 

Feeling stressed, anxious or low?  Just not yourself, maybe lacking in energy, motivation or self-confidence? 
Some of us have difficult pasts.  And as individuals we respond differently to daily stresses and strains of life, and the more significant blows we are sometimes dealt, like loss, ill heath, trauma, relationship breakdowns.  
It has been reported that as many as one in six adults have a mental health condition at any one time¹.  So how do we stay present and find peace and purpose in this frantic world?
Let’s talk about coaching … 

Coaching and therapy really aren't all that different, because wherever the human mind goes the same problematic core processes tend to show up.  You might be feeling stuck, doubting your life or career choices, missing people who have moved on or relationships that have ended.  You might be facing up to the idea that your life now needs to move in a new direction.
I have a passion for working with people  who, like me, are facing the inevitable issues that just come with living.